Why Summer Camp?Cody

A good return is found in a sound investment, right?  So, the question you may have is, “How can I get a good return on an investment of my time this summer? Certainly vacations, internships, summer school, summer jobs, even free time are all your mind.

Take a moment to consider another option with an eternal return on your investment – counselor at Camp Istrouma. As a summer counselor you will have the opportunity to share Christ with hundreds of children, be part of a team, develop leadership qualities, and gain skills that will aid in your future career.  Many employers agree that working at summer camps helps to shape young people into true leaders, according to the American Camp Association. Being a counselor will give you great memories, a job experience you can add to your resume and a security that your investment was well placed. As part of the Camp Istrouma team you will be challenged and mentored to grow in the following areas:

Your faith will be strengthened while at camp. From worship to teaching, from staff Bible studies to leading devotions with campers, you are sure to deepen your relationship with Christ and grow as a spiritual leader.

You will communicate with people of all ages – giving clear instructions,  being an active listener, and learning to use patience. You will also provide feedback to the director and parents on your campers’ week of camp.

Time Management
You will plan activities, teach,  and lead, while staying organized so that all duties are taken care of in a timely manner.  It will be your responsibility to see that your campers stay on time and have the right attitude.

You will supervise campers throughout daily activities and in the cabin. Parents will be placing their most precious possession in your care, and you must exceed their expectations in leadership. Counselors will also create an environment that encourages cooperation, growth, and full participation – without favoritism.

Everyday of camp is another opportunity for the campers under your care to work together. You will also collaborate with other staff, developing strong relationships. Each camp counselor functions as a coach in the spirit of encouragement and fun!

You will learn the art of negotiating as you bring together diverse campers to build united community. This helps campers to see that we are all together under Christ.

Thinking Creatively
Motivating and creating a fun environment sometimes requires a little bit of abstract thinking – not to mention on the spot problem solving and handling last minute changes to schedules. What a great place to learn more about your own gifts of creativity!

You will build relationships with staff from all over. These connections with staff, parents and campers will last much longer than a summer camp, and be part of the life-long return on the investment of your time.