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Duration / 5 days and 4 nights
Grades / Entering 9th - 12th
Price / $400
Dates /
July 16th - 20th

This is a great week for High School Campers. They will have a great time each day participating in camp activities, games, and so much more. Each day we will have themes days where they can dress up and join in on themed activities. They will have the opportunity to play Paintball if they want too. They will also have the opportunity to swim in our pool and lake and do all of the lake activities like The Blob, Zip-line, High Jump, Water Slide, and Ninja Mat. Each Night we will have an EPIC event planned for them to have fun and enjoy being around friends. There will also be our Tribal Competitions. We combine all of the Cabins into three different Tribes and the compete in goofy, high spirited games to see who is the Best Tribe of Camp Istrouma. This week is great for High School students to come be around kids their age, to have fun and grow closer to God. Each day we meet for cabin small group discussion, worship, and a deep message from our speaker of the week. This is a great time for your teenager to grow closer to God.