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• The 35 ft. "Water Blob" is a giant inflatable. Jump off the platform and onto the Water Blob. As you land you will bounce others high in the sky sending them flying off the Blob and into the lake! For more fun, swim around and do it again!
• 100 ft. Zipline - start by jumping off the 18' platform. Hold onto the t-bar for the ride of your life as you slide down a suspended cable reaching across the lake.
• 100 ft. Water Slide. Climb the stairwell to the top of this long chute and slide down into the lake.

Our Lake Front activities include the Water Blob, a Zipline, and the Wet Willie which is a 100ft water slide. Everyone who participates in any of our Lake activities must wear a life vest that is supplied by Camp Istrouma. There is an additional charge to use the Lake Front and it requires Camp Istrouma staff supervision and lifeguards. Lifeguards have full authority over guest at the Lake Front.