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Duration / 6 days and 5 nights
Ages / 14 - 18
Price / $100
Dates /
June 3rd - June 8th
June 10th - 15th
June 17th - 22nd
June 24th - 29th
July 8th - 13th
July 22nd - 27th

Leadership In Training Experience “LITE” is a program designed for teens to spend time serving at camp while learning leadership skills through shadowing our staff. This program has a twofold design. It first provides Camp Istrouma with the extra hands needed to help camp run smoothly. The 2nd fold is the experience that our LITEs have as they work hard, minister to our campers, and learn how to be a servant through a variety of camp duties. This is different than being a camper so you must be ready to serve, work hard, and have fun while doing it. Camp Istrouma desire is to Develop Disciples, Form Friendships and Impact the Lives Forever through the transforming power of Jesus Christ. Camp is definitely fun but at the core we want our campers to know Jesus.

How old do you need to be a part of the LITE program?

Between the ages of 14-18

How do you apply?

You may fill out an application online. Please fill it out completely including contact information so we can call you for an interview.  Click on the Apply Button below.

What’s next?

The next thing that is needed is attendance and participation at the LITE training that will now take place on the Sunday of the week that the LITE has signed up for.  The LITE counselors will lead the LITEs in activities and talks that will prepare them for the week ahead.  They will stay overnight and be ready for a week full of service, fellowship, personal growth, and camp experiences.  LITEs will sign up for the week(s) that they wish to come to Camp Istrouma during the application process.

Is there a cost?

Our LITE program has been growing and with that growth we require more staff.  The LITE program costs $100, primarily to cover the staff, lodging, and meals for the campers that are attending.

LITEs can choose multiple sessions to attend. If you attend 3 full weeks of our LITE program then you might be eligible to receive a Senior SonRise discounted rate for $60 (-$340 Discount).

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